About Us

Memories are precious, we all love good memories, it make us feel good. But for me thinking about good memories was never enough! I wanted more, I wanted to live the memory again, to experince it again in a different age and era.

Video games were and always are part of my daily life. Videogames tend to be as people say a “Pressure Release”. I was happy, but their was something missing, the taste of Videogames have changed!Yes folks, new genres are coming some are good and some are ” not my typical cup of tea”! So I decided to go back, to live the past in the present and future. Most importantly, I wanted to share the experinece with everyone, that nostalgic effect. The bridge that links the past to present. Yes, am a retro guy and with “Game Fuel” I would welcome each and everyone of you to retaste the feeling with a future twist!